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Property Management

Franks & White offers full service property management. Our team works closely with the subcontractors on the maintenance and upkeep of the properties. Inspects each property every month, along with financial reports sent to owners on a monthly basis. All late notices for rent are sent to tenants promptly each month, and closely followed until paid. Franks & White also offers tenant evictions, including demand letters, proper court filing, court appearances (as an agent), and scheduling with the Sheriff.

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Franks & White has leased and managed various properties for local owners as well as absentee owners from all across the country. Our leasing team works closely with many national real estate companies with reciprocal referrals for national, regional, and local tenants. 

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Commercial Sales

Franks & White was founded on commercial sales and it remains our specialty to this day. Our commercial sales agents are among the top in their class ensuring that all needs of the consumer are met and that they receive the highest possible service level. Whether it be buying a piece of land for a business or an entire shopping center, we are prepared for the job and ready to help you.

Residential Sales

Franks and White's residential sales team is one of the best on the south side of Atlanta. Our agents are devoted to providing the best service possible to all of our customers no matter what their needs may be. Our residential team specialize in areas south of metro Atlanta, but will gladly help you find a house in any part of the state.